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The use and implementation of quantum computing has become a hot topic over the last few years and there is so much that still feels unknown. Taking these super computers from an anomaly to an industry standard seemed increasingly challenging with all the hurdles in the way such as their…

Here’s some advice from Founder, Jonathan Azoulay, on how to maximize remote hiring.

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Will remote work stay forever?

For many tech companies, the pandemic created a huge rush to convert their businesses so that they could effectively operate remotely. For others, this process had already begun with home office days and remote working options. What’s sure, according to Jonathan Azoulay, Founder of, …

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Diversity is finally at the forefront of corporate decision-making, with discussions spanning from genuine inspirations to create a more inclusive society, to politically correct opportunism. Diversity is a defining value of Elaia: we don’t approach it as just a palette of skin colors or accents or religious beliefs, but first…

This article is based on a workshop given by Virgile Raingeard of Figures for Elaia’s portfolio companies.

What does the Premier League of football have in common with European startups?

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The Problem

For decades, we’ve noticed a common problem, salary negotiation remains a pain point in both big and small companies and for all parties involved. So what can be done? …


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